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High performing, high stress but low recovery?

I have been empowering leaders to optimize 360 well-being for over 2 decades, enabling them to make a bigger impact, manage challenges with ease, and have sustainable energy for both work and personal life.

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Powerhouse Leaders

HI! I'm Stephana and I created Powerhouse Leaders because I understand the unique challenges faced by leaders and offer a transformative solution to reset, revitalize, and excel for the long run.

Through my transformative approach and proven methodologies, unlock your full leadership potential, inspire growth in yourself and your teams, cultivate a culture of aligned engagement, energized, high performing teams and a strong organization with superior results.

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Life Repair

Comprehensive support for the leader who needs immediate, effective actions that address root cause to get clear and firing on all cylinders.

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High-level leadership demands peak performance. You can't afford to be anything less than at your best.

This isn't just another coaching program; it's a high-touch, fast-paced experience that will leave you feeling clear, energized, and ready to conquer your goals.


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Your Optimal Outcome Is My Top Priority

Comprehensive solutions to optimize energy, engagement & resilience for uncompromised results.

I believe we are far greater than we’ve been allowed to think. I believe the world can be positively impacted when simple optimizing actions become habits.

Stephana Johnson

CEO, Master Guide

A highly sought after keynote speaker. “If you want your audience leaning in, energized and empowered with real world tools to take inspired action, hire Stephana immediately!"

Stephana is a proven leader with profound, real-world experience. Leaders relate to her substance and depth…which means more of what she says connects and sticks and results in real change.

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"Since starting the Executive Reset with Stephana, I have experienced a remarkable transformation in my clarity, energy levels, leadership abilities, and overall well-being. It has revolutionized the way I approach my work and personal life."

Lance Pincock, CEO

"Since working with Stephana, I have experienced a complete shift in my energy levels, mental clarity, resilience and overall performance. I've lost 29 pounds, haven't bitten my nails since our first session...the tools and skills she has provided have helped me overcome significant stress and has had a profound impact on my ability to stay calm and focused when stakes are high."

"Stephana embodies the essence of a transformational leader, radiating warmth and kindness akin to a guiding light in our world. Her profound dedication to the well-being and success of her clients is evident in every interaction. She doesn't just offer surface-level guidance; she delves deep, equipping you with tangible tools tailored for everyday challenges.

Rhonda Deal, Leader

Arzays Davani, CEO